5/10 Additional ports have been added to Keihan Chushojima Station Bicycle Rack.

5/2 Additional ports have been added to Miidera temple.

2/13 Additional ports have been added to BRANCH Otsukyo.

2/8 Additional ports have been added to MOMO Terrace.

2/6 Additional ports have been added to Oh!Me OTSU TERRACE.

2/1 Additional ports have been added to Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel.

Just unlock the lock and start pedaling,
And you’re on your way.
Feel the breeze on your face,
And explore scenery you’ve never seen,
For an experience unique to today.
Kyoto has plenty in store to discover,
Both expected and unexpected.
With Kotobike, you’re never far from something wonderful.
Hop on. Kyoto is waiting.

kotobike is a bicycle sharing service operated by “QBEI” a old bicycle shop in kyoto.
We want you to experience “Reliable Bicycle in Koto(Ancient city)”
which we brought on with maintenance technology and passion for bicycle grown for 60 years.

The number of ports is expanding. You can return the bike to a different port. You can also lock, unlock, and settle with application easily. It is a “Reliable bicycle sharing service” not only for tourists, but also fot local residents.

QBEI inc. is an old bicycle shop in Kyoto founded in 1957. We have 6 retail stores in Kyoto city, and 4 online shops. We support your ride with secred maintenance typical to the bicycle shop.

They are invented originally, considering the safety and comfort. They have 26 inc wheels easy to pedal for the brazen, light a lamp automatically, three speed gear to climb up the hill, and have a distant ride. In adittion to them, the design which blend to the scape of the ancient city.

Book a bike


the APP

of kotobike &


Move to the port,

and just scan

the QR code!

Book a bike Book a bike
Book a bike
Ride kotobike, and

go to your destination!

Book a bike

Return the bike

the port nearby!

For those who considers to install kotobike