These are information of inqiries about kotobike which we often take.

About The Use of kotobike


How can we hire the bicycle?

First, install the APP into your smartphone.
Second, start yhe APP, undergo member registrarion with following the instructions, purchase the ticket you want.
Third, move on to the port of kotobike, scan the QR code to unlock the bicycle, and you can go.
If the bicycle is in use or error is occured, please try to hire another one.


Can we hire multiple bicycles?

For temporary use of 80 yen per 15 minutes, one account can rent up to 4 units.
For hourly plans and monthly membership plans, you may only rent one unit.


How can we return the bicycle?

Tap "Return the bike" button lower left of the screen.
When the procedure is completed, a message will be displayed.


Can we make a reservation?

You can make a reservation 30 minutes before the start of use.


Can we make a book of a port to return the bike?

We are sorry, but we do not accept.
Sorry to bother you, please look for another port to return.


What time can we use the kotobike?

They are available hours. You can ride and get off any designed port for kotobike.
It is easy to use with an application for smartphone.


On which kind of devices can the APP be used?

it can be used on iPhone or smartphonbe corresponding to Bluetooth communication.
It cannot be used on featurephone(if you could, we do not reccomend to use).


Can we use the application with feature phones?

We are sorry, bur you can't. You might be able to use with some of them, but we do not recommend.


Can we pay without credit cards?

We are sorry, but registration of credit card is unavoidable.
The brands which you can use are VISA, mastercard,JCB, and DinersClubcards.


About Regsitration


We cannot receive the mail of member registration.

It can be occured by the setting of your smartphone.
Please set your phone so as to be able to receive the mail from""


We have forgotten the password to login the APP.

We will send you an e-mail to reset the password. Please tap "If youy (snip) click here." on the login page.
Then tap"Send resetting e-mail" after inputting your e-mail address.


Can tourists(not live in Kyoto) use the APP and the bikes?

Anyone who has a credit card and smartphone with e-mail adress can use the bike.


About the Price


What is the price form?

Fees are 80 yen per 15 minutes for city bicycles and 130 yen per 15 minutes for electric bicycles for temporary use, as well as time-based and monthly membership plans.
Please see below for details on how to use the plans.


How can we change the price plan we usually use?

You can change the plan in the "Account" page of the APP.
You can set to select the plan every time you use.


Emergency or Trouble


The lock will not open.

Dust such as yellow sand,sometimes jams the lock.
You may be able to unlock by holding red handle ofthe key, and ratting it, so please try it.
We are sorry to botheryou, but If you could not unlock, please call customer Support(050-1746-3037).


Thre are no bikes on the port. Where are they?

We are sorry. We adjust the number of bikes so as not to make gaps, but it is a system to share bikes with all of the people, so it can be occured.
We are sorry for bothering, please find another port.


Thre are no bikes on the APP, but on there are on the port.

They can be reserved, being in use or need to be maintenanced.
Pleaase hire the bike on the APP.


Malfunction has occured while riding.

We are sorry, please call"050-1746-3037" (Custmer Support) immediately.
In addition, get off the bike as soon as you found something wrong with the bike.


I've got a traffic accident. What should we do?

First confirm the situation of the accident.
Second, call 119(First aid) or 110(Police).
After that, call 050-1746-3037,custmer support.


If I had the bike stolen, what should we do?

First confirm the situation.
Second, call 110(Police).
After that, call 050-1746-3037,custmer support.
We may charge thee ccst in case. Please check "Article 21" of our "Terms of service"( for detail.


I had my bicycle removed while riding.

Call 050-1746-3037,custmer support. We may charge you the cost in case.
Please check "Article 17" of our "Terms of service"( for detail.


Battery of my smartphone has run out.

We lend you bikes through the application for smartphone.
In case of running out the battery, please call 050-1746-3037,custmer support. We will return the bike instead of you.


General Service


What is kotobike?

It is a service that you can share bicycles.
It is convenient for sightseeing and daily use. You can get off the bikes whereever if there is a port for kotobike.
It is operated by Qbei, which is 60 years old bicycle company.


How can we install the application?

To scan the QR code on the signboard of the port.
You can also install it from app store, with searching "kotobike".


Is the application free?

Yes, it is.


Do you have the bicycles registered for security?

Yes, we do. All bicycles are registered.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do. Please check "Article 24" of our "Terms of service" (


Do you have any bicycles for children?

We are sorry, but we do not have any now. In addition, we do not have any bicycles with child seats.


Do you have any electric assist bicycles?

We are sorry, but we do not have any now.


How can we check the location of ports?

You can sheck it with the map in the APP. You can also check it with port map page in our WEB site(link:


Can we check the time we hired the bicycle?

You can check it with the "Usage History" in the APP.


How can we park a bicycle at a port without pedestal?

Please park in a dsignated parking area so as not to stick out to the roadway.


We want to return the bike the hotel where we stay….

We are sorry, but you cannot return the bike any places except ports.
Please look for the nearest port. check it with port map page in our WEB site(link:


How do we use the coupon?

Enter the coupon code in the page, "Enter coupon code" of the APP, and tap "Get ticket".
you can check the coupon you got, in "Inquiry coupon".
When you return the bicycle with coupon, the discount would be adopted automatically.


Do the coupon tickets expire?

Yes, they do. They get expired in 6 months.


Since I will not use the APP, can I uninstall it?

There is no problem to do it. When you install it again, you can use the account you have registered.