Notice of Price Revisions


There are many bicycle parking lots in center of the Kyoto city. When it comes to go sightseeing or shopping eith bicycle, use the nearby bicycle parking lot, so as not to disturb anyone.

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  • You can check the information of the parking lot, such as address, and available time. (Click here for the port map of kotobike.)
  • Right Usage of Bicycle Parking lot
    If you park without for any reasons, it would be removed.

kotobike is a bike sharing service operated by QBEI, a operating company of bycycle rental service who has 50 bases in Kyoto city. We introduce you some rules and manners to consider the residents and use kotobike with being in comfort and releived.

Park the bike in right way.

City governer promotes bicycle paking lots. Abandoned bicycles not only disturb and endanger the pedestrians, wheelchair, and strollers, but also leads to spoil the landscape. Do not be selfish. Park the bike designated area, with considering others.

Prohibited Areas

City governer prohibites to park those places below. We must take care so as not to park illegally in prohibited areas when we ride a biycyle.

It obstructs the traffic of the pedestrians, wheelchair, and strollers.
Road Way
It obstructs the traffic of the cars and bicycles.
It deprives the secured playground of children。
In front of a apartment house which you do not live in.
In front of a apartment house which is not yours.
It obstructs the traffic and causes the inconvenience of the residents.
Parking lot
It obstructs the traffic and can be a cause of the accident.

Left bicycles all around Kyoto city, are now being removed regardless the day and period of time to secure the public space such as road way and station square. Even if the bicycle was parked for a short time, bicycles parked in prohibited areas would be romoved immediately as left bicycles.

  • You need to pay to 3,500 yen take back a removed lef bicycle. Use the bicycle parking lot for sure when you ride bicycle.